Peer Reviewed Articles

Strickland L., Elliott D., Wilson M. D., Loft S., & Heathcote A.. (In Press). Prospective memory in the red zone: Cognitive control and capacity sharing in a complex, multi-stimulus task. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

Bowden, V. K., Loft, S., Wilson, M. D., Howard, J., & Visser, T. A. (2019). The long road home from distraction: investigating the time-course of distrac ‘tion recovery in driving. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 124, 23-32. [PDF]

Wilson, M. D., Farrell, S., Visser, T. A. W., & Loft, S. (2018). Remembering to execute deferred tasks in simulated air traffic control: The impact of interruptions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 24(3), 360-379. [Repository] [PDF]

Talks and Conference Proceedings

Michael David Wilson, Simon Farrell, Troy A. W. Visser, & Shayne Loft. (2018). The Effects of Interruptions and Retention Interval on Prospective Memory in Simulated Air Traffic Control. 5th International Conference of Prospective Memory (ICPM5). Melbourne, Australia: Australian Catholic University. [PDF]

Luke Strickland, David Elliott, Michael David Wilson, Shayne Loft, & Andrew Heathcote. (2018). Modelling Prospective Memory in Simulated Maritime Surveillance: Cognitive Control and Competition for Capacity. Australian Mathematical Psychology Conference 2018. Perth, Australia: University of Western Australia. Also presented at The Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference 2018. [PDF]

Wilson, M. D., Farrell, S., Visser, T. A., & Loft, S. (2016, September). On the Nature of Interruptions in Complex Dynamic Tasks. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (Vol. 60, No. 1, pp. 246-247). Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications. [PDF]


American Psychological Assoication (APA) Early Career Award 2018 (Division 3)

UWA Student Guild Teach Awarding 2015 (Student’s Choice Award)

Workshops and Training

Wilson M. D. Getting Started with Programming: Python for Psychologists. 2018. Repository

Wilson M. D. Writing a Completely Reproducible Paper with Rmarkdown. Perth Research Bazaar, 2018. Repository

Wilson M. D. Writing a Reproducible Paper Perth Research Bazaar, 2017.

Wilson M. D. Automating Data Processing with Python. 2016. Repository