Hello, my name is Michael David Wilson. I’m am a scientist from Perth, Western Australia, interested in technology, people and the interaction between the two. I work primarily with the Human Factors and Applied Cognition Laboratory at the University of Western Australia where I am currently completing my doctorate in human factors Psychology. I’m passionate about reproducible research, open-source/free software, and computational methodologies.

More about me… I am interested in the interaction between people and the technological systems that we operate in. My doctoral research explores human multitasking in simulations of complex tasks, such as air traffic control. In particular, I am interested in how people remember to carry out intended behaviours - known as Prospective Memory - and what cognitive and situational factors may inhibit or promote prospective memory performance. I work part-time applying human factors research to industry and as a freelance consultant, specialising in IT solutions.

Open source software is a central part of my work philosophy. I use R extensively for statistical analysis, with Rmarkdown’s dynamic document framework acting as the backbone of my reproducible methodology. Recently, I’ve been learning Stan for my computational modelling and Golang has become my language of choice for freelance data processing work. All my work is version controlled using Git, with a significant proportion of my work being open source to the public.

Those who work with me will know I have a strong passion for Debian and love spending time tweaking my [Spac]Emacs setup.